I finally got tired of leasing hunting property. Took my own advice and purchased land purely for recreational use. After weeks of work and scouting, deer season was right around the corner. This youth season my son and I were after a buck.

I thought this was going to be the year. Most every night I had seen bucks on the food plot. Everything was ready and I could not wait.

The day came and my son and I was prepared. As we entered our hunting blind I do not know if I could have been any happier. After the second hour of sitting and not seeing any deer my son asked “Have you really seen deer here.” I began to wonder myself. The sun began to get lower and I was wondering how the deer seem to know the exact day hunting season begins.

When I looked to the left all of a sudden from behind a tree appeared a 8 point buck. I whispered to my son to look and I could almost feel his heart start to jump the second he saw him. As he raised his rifle I told him to take a breathe and relax. Looking back I think this was more for me than for my son!

His rifle rested on the blind and ka-pow. The buck was down. My son turned to me with wide eyes and a grin from ear to ear. “Dad I got him! Dad I got him” After a high five and both of us trying to steady ourselves we sat in silence taking it all in. Just then to the right a doe appeared and my son says “Dad can I shoot the doe” I thought a second then said “No!”

At that time I let him on the Deer Hunting Secret. “If you shoot the doe then your season will be over and your mom will not let us skip out and hunt anymore. Lets go hunting tomorrow and see if we see a doe then.”

As we cleaned our trophy I realized why taking your son or daughter hunting on your own land is as the commercial says: PRICELESS!

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