As the summer months slowly come to Oklahoma farm loans should come to potential recreational property buyers’minds. Not only are interest rates at an all time low, but Land Loan Specialists are offering a fixed 30 year mortgage on farm, ranch and recreational properties which are quite rare.

Now is definitely a great time to start looking into recreational properties. The question is whether it is better to lease or purchase your little slice of outdoors heaven. Leasing is a good way to ease into a recreational property without a large financial commitment. Not many people understand how to apply for a farm loan and a lease is an easy option for most. But, just like renting a home, you do not earn equity and you run the risk of having the lease terminated by the owner sooner than you may anticipate.

Now is the perfect time to apply for an agriculture loan for recreational properties for a number of reasons. Because Oklahoma has been in a drought for some time, people may be selling off sections of property at affordable prices. Drought conditions are improving and can give you the information you need if you give them a call. Commodity markets are very strong right now and it may be a very good time to invest farm real estate. Cattle prices are at an all time high this summer and the opportunity to lease your farm or ranch to a local producer can assist you in paying your farm loan. Agriculture loans are very easy to apply for and will help you every step of the way. They will answer all questions about recreational agriculture mortgages and will make sure you are comfortable before moving forward.

Owning your own recreational property makes more sense than leasing simply because an agricultural loan is quite affordable and offers a rare 30 year fixed agriculture mortgage. You will build equity in your property while you are enjoying its use. How about making a little money from your investment and become a lessor to others who are wanting to run cattle or have hunting rights on your property.

Recreational property can be a very smart, long term investment. have many different types of farm loans and can tailor them to suit your needs. So while you are fishing, four wheeling or camping out with your friends on their recreational property, start thinking about where you would like to stake your claim and if a farm loan is right for you? can help your dream of owning your own recreational property a reality.