Oklahoma Land Run Still Alive
Hammond Family Ranch Stakes Their Claim

Today the land run looks different. Instead of horses and covered wagons, the current land seekers have 1 ton flat beds and stock trailers. Instead of a family being able to make a living on 160 acres, it now takes 1600 acres. Rather than land being free, it is now sold to the highest bidder.

But some things have not changed in Oklahoma, and that is why land in Oklahoma is in high demand by farmers and ranchers in other states. Oklahoma values the farmer and rancher. Because of this, the government in Oklahoma has allowed farmers and ranchers the freedom to manage their own operation. Oklahoma also has not seen the huge growth of residential development. Because of this, an agricultural producer has room to expand their operation not to mention that his neighbors support his way of life and recognize his hard work and dedication.

I am aware of today’s land run because I am president of McMar Financial. McMar Financial provides financing for farms and ranches in the United States. McMar Financial provided financing for the Hammond Family to purchase the Lick Ranch. The Lick Ranch is 1839 acres in Southeast Oklahoma owned by Mr. Pennell. Bill Bowen with Southwest farm and ranch sales was the real estate broker for this transaction.
At closing, the Hammond Family told the story of why they moved their operation from Oregon to stake their claim in Oklahoma.

The Hammond Family owns 5,365(+/-) total deeded acres in Backer County, Oregon. Due to current and possible future government restrictions, they did not feel they had the freedom to make their own decisions. This has caused them to spend more money and put up with more hassle than they were able justify. To survive, they were forced to buy more land. The problem is with current development. Land prices had risen to a current price per acre that would not pencil out for cattlemen. The answer to their current problem was the same for the original homesteaders of the land run – the promise of land in a state that honored their freedom and their current way of life. The answer was simple! OKLAHOMA.

Dan Hammond said it best when he said “I simply wanted to live my life the way I grew up and have the freedom to ranch the way I want.” Christine Hammond, Rod Hammond’s wife and family appointed secretary of Hammond Ranches says, “The boy’s have one thing on their mind and that is cattle. Oklahoma gives us a chance to expand.” Dorice Hammond, Dan’s wife, says “Several of our friends in Oregon keep asking if we can find them land to buy. They want to make the move as well.” Ross and Rod Hammond of course say they cannot find any land in the area. What do you expect the boys to say when they are trying to expand their operation with more land themselves.

Bill Bowen with Southwest farm and ranch sales says “The current demand for quality ranches in Southeast Oklahoma continues to grow. I have been able to find the best ranch to suit the buyer’s needs, and I believe this has made all the difference.”

If you are in need of financing for your farm or ranch purchase or refinance call McMar Financial for a free pre approval with no obligation. If you would like to share your thoughts, or your story of the current land run, please call or email anytime.

Written by Todd P. McCue, President McMar Financial
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