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    We will not be beat on interest rates. We love it when clients call to compare the rates they were offered from their local bank. Most times they respond with: “Your long term fixed rate is lower than the short term rate quoted to me by the bank I have been with all my life!” You will love our low rates! Call or email today for the low rate you deserve!
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    We do not charge any application fees. We do not charge any hidden or junk fees. Land Loan only charges one simple low fee. We agree with You; a lender should not charge hidden or junk fees. One low fee only! Save money today!
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    Because of this fact we are experts in farm loans, ranch loans, recreational land loans, specialized farm loans and all types of general land loans. Frustrated with your lender because of their lack of knowledge. We understand your passion and land loan needs.
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    Land Loan wants to close as fast as you. Not all lenders can say that. We try to approve every loan within 48 hours. Tired of waiting on your loan officer? This will not happen with Land Loan Time is Money and Land Loan will not waste either.
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    Lending should be based on relationships. Our clients are not a number. Our clients are our partners, friends, relatives, allies and supporters. Our business depends on you! We honor this fact with more than just customer service; a true relationship built on honesty and trust.